Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Women’s College, Jharsuguda is a pioneering Institution of Education with a vision which emanates from its motto ‘Tamoso Ma Jotirgamaya’’ The vision of the Institution as to achieve excellence in Higher Education, growth for social –economic change and sustainable development.


  • To promote women education
  • To equip and empower students with relevant knowledge, competence and creativity to face psycho-socio challenges.
  • To achieve innovations in teaching-learning, curricular, co-curricular, research and extension activities to realize national goals, including the adoption and Promotion of Knowledge out-put for human development.
  • To faciliate optimum use of human and limited infrastructural faciliaties available for quality sustenance and growth.
  • To create awareness of Human rights, value system ,culture, heritage, scientific ,emper, environment and women emancipation.
  • To emphasis excellent faculty in each department.